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Our Services

We have a holistic model of healing which focuses on both the energetic and biochemical aspects of your health, as well as addresses the emotional, physical and spiritual aspect of your well-being.

Start with an assessment to determine the baseline of your energetic system with the Biomeridian assessment and your biochemical health through functional blood chemistry analysis. 

Biomeridian testing is a non-invasive state of the art assessment designed to measure over 50 specific organs and body systems.  Based on the results, it will generate a customized supplemental protocol for your unique body to bring the body back into balance. The nutritional products that we carry are medical grade which insure bioavailbility and are derived from plant based sources. We do not recommend taking vitamins or minerals without guidance from a practitioner.  

Functional Medicine Assessments identifies nutritionally significant information in the healthy range of your blood work or the functional range.  It is able to detect patterns which have nutritional significance, such as deficiencies and excesses of nutrients, electrolyte and mineral imbalances.  Once can optimize metabolic processes and help maintain the optimal performance of the body which is is done through this universally accepted blood work which includes glucose, cholesterol, thyroid and more. Nutritional imbalances may cause reduced functionality, reduced energy and vitality and other symptoms.  

Once you have established a baseline, you can work with our providers to address both the physical and emotional imbalances. 

Some of the services we offer include the following: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Energy Work, Massage (Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, Psychotherapy (Individual, Couples, and Group Therapy. Hypnosis and Neuro-emotional Technique.) 

We also offer support groups as well as yoga and meditation classes to assist you with your healthy lifestyle.  Our classes include the following: 

Health Lifestyle Support Group: 1½ hour on going support group which includes an educational component, support group and ending with a meditation.  

Personal and Spiritual Development Support Group: 1½ hour on going support group session which includes an education component, support group and ending with a meditation and energy healing.

Healing movement, breathing and meditation class: Join us for an hour class of basic yoga for healing, breathing exercises and guided meditation. 

Please call Dr. Christina at (312) 285-5287 for more information regarding support groups and classes. 

           Mind Body Healing Center, 77 W Washington, Suite 1704, Chicago, IL 60602 

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