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Audio Clip: Discovering Inner Peace

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Discovering Inner Peace: Many of us are feeling unhappy, empty, alone and restless. We are seeking answers to help us achieve a more meaningful existence.  Unfortunately, we are looking in the wrong place.  Many of us are looking for external factors to provide us with happiness, but the key to fulfillment is through an internal process of discovering inner peace.  The pursuit of happiness is actually one of the factors that is keeping us from finding peace and it is important to look within for the answers. Only when we discover inner peace by healing from the past and embracing our spiritual side, we can then be truly happy.  This program will help guide you along the path to discovering inner peace through self-exploration and living more intentionally and purposefully. This presentation is the accompaniment to Dr. Samycia’s newly release book, Discovering Inner Peace, which is a psychological, philosophical and spiritual approach to self-enlightenment.  

Finding Peace in Today's Fast Paced World: Are you finding it difficult to find peace in today’s fast paced world? This program will help you learn how to maintain inner peace and stay centered in today’s high paced environment.  Although we cannot change external factors, we can change how we perceive and react to them and this program will assist you in challenging your thoughts to help you stay centered. This program will also help you examine your priorities and make changes in your daily routine so that you are feeling as if you are living more purposeful life, which will allow you to feel more empowered.  You will learn how to start simplify your life and start slowing down the pace. You will leave this program feeling at peace and inspired! 

Attitude Is Everything: Did you know that you can decide not to be stressed?   Stress is a choice, but most of us don’t know that we have a choice.  We don't always realize it, but your attitude takes an event, which is neutral in nature, and transforms it into a stressor.  It is the way in which you perceive an event is what makes it stressful.  To better manage stress, all you need to do is to change your attitude.   This seminar will provide you with techniques to assist you in changing your attitude to help reduce the stress in your life.   You will learn how to identify your thoughts and feelings regarding various stressful events, where those stressful thoughts originated and how to challenge and change your attitude about stress. This program will provide you with the tools you need to conquer stress once and for all.   

Enhancing Communication Skills: Whether you are looking to improve your work performance, be a better manager, entrepreneur or improve sales, this experience is for you. Enhance corporate performance and improve your bottom line through strategic interactive interpersonal communication skills and the complete understanding of how others around us function and react on a daily basis. This dynamic and interactive workshop will help you get a getter understanding of human performance and interaction. You will learn about your own unique personality and communication style and find way to better communicate and work with others who are like or different from you.  Improve how you communicate with everyone you meet, your co-workers, friends and even family.

Empowerment During Stressful Times: We are currently feeling the stress due to the state of our economy. Many are being laid-off, downsized, or working extra hours to accommodate the decrease in staff.  It is difficult not to feel helpless under this pressure.  However, you can learn how to survive not only this economic crisis, but any crisis that should come your way.  Learn how to go from victim to victor and how to tap into you inner strength that will help you endure any hardship.  Learn how your perceptions create stress and how to challenge and change them.  You will leave this program feeling more in control of your destiny.   

Leading and Inspiring Others with Authenticity and Integrity: Being an authentic leader and leading with integrity is paramount for personal and professional success. This seminar will help you identify your unique leadership style and discover the values that align with your authentic self.  You will identify those factors that are preventing you from being authentic and help you start being more authentic with yourself and others.  You will learn valuable Emotional Intelligence or “people skills,” which are important factors that contribute to success. This program will provide you with a better understand of your own communication style and how you can better communicate with those around you. Enhance your performance through strategic interactive interpersonal skills and the complete understanding of how others around you function. 

Uncovering Your Authentic Self: Are you dissatisfied with your job, career, or personal relationships and looking to make some changes? This program will provide you with the tools you need to help you discover your true path. Discover those obstacles in your life which are stopping you from getting where you need to be. Learn how to identify unconscious pressures from your past, your environment and society. Learn how to expand your conscious awareness of all the possibilities that are truly there for you. Discover the path of true peace and contentment through finding personal meaning in everything you do. 

Life Affirming Living: You are probably not aware that you are acting in survival mode more often than you think. We make so many of our decisions based on fear or avoiding pain, which is why most of us are not happy. This program will help you understand the dynamics of why we choose fear-based living. Learn techniques that will provide insight and help you explore conscious and unconscious motivators that lead you to make choices. Learn to examine the consequences of making fear-based choices and the techniques to help you let go of your fears.  After this program, you will be on your way to life-affirming living. 

Peak Performance: Your health and stress level impacts your life everyday. In fact, 75% of all our illnesses are stress related. Become proactive to ensure that you will reach your goals. This program will give you the tools and motivation you need to optimize your performance. Learn a few valuable lifestyle changes you can make to help you succeed without encountering burnout, low energy or illness. You will be introduced the basic components of nutrition, exercise and stress management. Because the goal of a wellness program is to develop a healthier lifestyle, this seminar will cover many practical habits to incorporate into one's lifestyle as well as goal setting techniques. This interactive presentation will help you optimize your performance and enhance your life today! 

A New Way of Looking at Your Health: We have learned so much regarding the connection between our minds and bodies. There is significant amount of research supporting natural healing methods. However, too often, we still focus on the symptoms rather than the causes of our physical distress. This program will provide you with a new way of looking at your physical health. Learn how the body works as a “system” and the powerful connection between your emotional health and physical symptoms. It is also important that we become more active in the health care process. This can save not only time and money, but also your life. Too often, we leave the responsibility of our health to our health care providers. This program will provide you with many ways to ensure that you are receiving the best care. You will learn how to talk to your doctor and what questions to ask, what alternative treatments as well as preventative measures.

Shape Up Your Bottom Line: Stress and as well unhealthy behaviors impact the bottom line at the workplace.  This program is designed to assist managers in identify issues related to stress at the workplace and the financial impact of stress   Participants will learn interactive techniques on how to manage stress at the workplace and how to implement effective interventions to minimize stress, which will ultimately impact their bottom line.  In addition, managers will learn how wellness program can lower insurance costs, increase productivity, decrease accident rates, lower employee absenteeism, lower workman’s compensation claims and provides a 4 to 1 rate of return. Learn innovative techniques to make your program cost-effective and successful as well as provide you with tools on how to measure the results of these programs. 

What people are saying about Dr. Christina Samycia:
"Christina has an incredible way of connecting with the audience. Her warm and down-to-earth demeanor establishes credibility and creates an environment fostering trust.  Therefore, participants feel comfortable sharing information and an engaging in dialogue which results in Christina's main objectives as a speaker: self-discovery and growth.”-Lisa Monde, National Association of Realtors.

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