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Biomeridian testing

Bring Your Life Back Into A Healthy Balance!

We are now offering Biomeridian testing which provides an extraordinary perspective on the state of your health and formulates a nutritional protocol to bring the body back into balance.  This state of the art tool designed to measure over 50 specific organs and body systems with customize a supplemental protocol for your unique body. Initial screening includes a food sensitivity panel.  This technology is great if you have ever wondered about what supplements to take for your unique body. 
  • Are you confused regarding what supplements to take and if they are even working?
  • Are you interested in restoring balance in your body and achieving optimal health?
  • Are you interested in knowing your current health status and tracking your progress as you make lifestyle changes? 
  • Are you interested in knowing what foods may be creating stress on your body?


The Vantage device is a state of the art tool designed to measure over 50 specific organs and body systems. With this information, we will formulate and prioritize a comprehensive nutritional support program. The solutions we recommend support and balance your body systems. This non-invasive assessment will recommend products that include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs etc. that will rebuild and nourish your body. Initial screening includes a food sensitivity panel. Additional panels such as environmental sensitivities and neurotransmitter testing are also available.

The assessment includes a computerized report, explaining in detail what organs and organ systems are stressed. You will also receive a specific nutritional protocol for your unique body, as well as a listing of specific substances that could be causing the stress or sensitivity.




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