Mind Body Healing Center
77 W Washington, Suite 1704  
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 285-5287

Nurturing the mind, body and spirit!
A unique concept in integrative healthcare! 

The Mind Body Healing Center is a place whereby each practitioner, although a separate and independent business entity, works as a team to treat both the emotional and physical aspects of your health. We subscribe to a holistic approach to your health by addressing the underlying causes of symptoms and applying natural interventions and changes in lifestyle. We provide efficient and effective results to help you achieve optimum wellness and accept most insurances. 

We have a holistic philosophy rooted in the concept of self-empowerment and the mind-body connection.  Whether you are feeling depressed or have a physical ailment, we provide a whole person approach to healing. Our goal is to assist you discovering optimal wellness through our unique packages of diagnostic testing, psychotherapy, alternative health care and educational programs. Although most of us believe that “diseases” happen to us, which is a victim-based belief systems, “diseases” or what we prefer to refer to as imbalances are created within us. What we think, feel, eat and expose ourselves to environmentally create imbalances within our system. However, the body has the ability to heal itself given the optimal conditions which starts with taking responsibility over our health, making lifestyle changes and implementing healing modalities such as nutritional products, energetic therapies, physiological treatments and psychological healing. 

         Mind Body Healing Center, 77 W Washington, Suite 1704, Chicago, IL. 60602 
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